New Ageism as espousing naivity…

At 2pm today someone stopped their bike in front of me at the Sandon Point community picket [see Sandon Point website for details] and stated that he didn’t think that the picket should be there as ‘this place’ was for everyone. I found this a very interesting thing for him to say as the aims of the picket and protection of public open space for the benefit of everyone. This contrasted sharply with the McMansions under-construction – the privatisation of public space – immediately adjacent to the picket.

Upon attempting to strategically question him with an aim that the contradictions in his two comments would become visible to him, his partial response indicated inherent problems in his outlook. Upon it becoming clear to him that another of his comments was indeed misguided and contradictory, and that his assumptions about his knowing best were challenged, his remark before proceeding to ride off was ‘the world goes round’!

[this was a post written pre my site being hacked – this is all that remains. I will add more soon…]

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