to live ones truth gently but totally and consistently

I found these words (who lives his truth gently, but totally and consistently) whilst surfing the web today. They, and the notion they appeared alongside – finding yourself in words – spurred me to throw some more together. I have not received any recent emails from a friend who has an exceptional talent with words. The transcendences of literary boundaries alongside a differing perspective that these words often embody makes for a pleasant and refreshing experience… I am waiting for your words to again fill my screen and mind Dan Fish ‚Äì I hope your world is doing what it does for you.

To live ones truth, and to live it gently. Being the change one wants to see in the world is something I aspire to. To live it gently is something I am grappling with everyday. It is something I do give a lot of thought to on many levels. I believe in direct action and non-violence. However what constitutes violence is an interesting and philosophically challenging notion. I will write more on this in detail at a later stage, yet my thoughts regarding this at the moment centres around ALF style raids that liberate animals and/or the tools of their oppression (i.e. lab reports, equipment). Is property damage violence…?

[this was a post written pre my site being hacked – this is all that remains. I will add more soon…]

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