more thoughts on the ‘mainstream’ genre of film

Given my recent foray into mainstream ‘action’ films for ‘academic purposes’, it has made me think of somewhat random dialogue that I have noted in such films. This random dialogue I am referring to consist of comments that one could construe as prefigurative in the sense of the director or writer making critical comments on society. Perhaps they could even be construed as a clear attempt at being the change one wants to see in the world.

I could go into details about films such as the matrix series or others that are clearly – whether most people are aware of this or not – making critical comments on society. In contrast, there are films that are not specifically aimed at making significant broad claims. Filmmakers themselves must consider this notion as they write/direct/produce.

[this was a post written pre my site being hacked – this is all that remains. I will add more soon…]

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