pentecosatal ‘converts’ – a dote-full new age form of christianity or another weapon of the religious right?

I find the rise of the ‘pentecostal-style church’ in Australia as not only very scary, it is a phenomenon that has significant implications for society more generally. Given my explicit anarchist outlook, my rejection of hierarchy clearly indicates that I am not a believer in any notion of a ‘god’. It also indicates support for ‘freedom’ of opinion. The issue here lies not with its ‘religious’ basis per se, rather the societal implications of this phenomenon and a strong concern for those part of, or succumbing to, the machinations of it.

Images of those now a part of what is known as ‘hillsong church’ in Australia, even before they open their mouths, imbues concern. The dote-full naivety espoused in the radiating innocence of these ‘converts’ – whilst something I would happily prefer to see in the world – is frightening indeed. This naive innocence, based a looking for something from ‘above’ or elsewhere in response to serious issues with society, scares me. I see these people as being taken in, manipulated – whether intentionally or not. What we need is not a naive acceptance, rather a critical questioning. The clearest and simplest response that comes to mind is the lyric and title from a Rage Against The Machine song – used and perhaps posthumously popularised by the Matrix series of film – Wake Up!

[this was a post written pre my site being hacked – this is all that remains. I will add more soon…]

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