today’s revolutionary’s tomorrow’s reformists – consistency as a challenge?

The experiences outlined in my previous blog and a couple of other events have stimulated again my own thoughts on class awareness broadly. It is something I think we all should reflect on from time to time, and these events have somewhat pushed the issue into my mind again (I am also preparing to present my current research in front of many peers, including academics from Canada, and the material I am engaging with has led to some interesting and challenging self-reflection).

There is no doubt (at least at present) that I am going through a process of exodus from the low socio-economic situation in which I grew up (and my parents still face some-what). This constantly throws up many challenges to my want to live the change that I want to see in the world, and I often find myself in positions I had not conceived and having the potential to contrast with me preferred means. I am certain this will continue to happen and I hope that I can continue to reflectively engage with this and remain open to constructive critical comment.

[Written prior to the site being hacked, the full post was not recovered]

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