contradictions, inequality and our (general) lack of awareness of it

a young girl, bone protruding from her arm, sits in the emergency department of a hospital for eight hours waiting for not just for treatment – she has not even been seen (let alone assessed) by a doctor…

a professional sportsman (gendered term purposively) with a suspected calf strain receives an MRI scan, and then spends significant time in a hyperbaric chamber to speed his recovery.

see any contradictions here?

What kind of world do we live in when we prioritise the health and well being of those who can afford to pay (and sportsmen are the worst category of this) over everyone else. The concept of a private health system (private health care, private clinics, private surgery’s, private hospitals, etc) is so ludicrous, classist and does little more than entrench, promote and legitimise structural inequality in society.

[Written prior to the site being hacked, the full post was not recovered]

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