malicious-ness transcended… my rants coming/now back online

Some of you (assuming there is any/still existing readers) may have noticed that on accessing veganarky a dbase error was listed. This was because of the second malicious attack on this site. Whilst I managed to overcome the first attack, I was not able to overcome the second. The reason it has taken so long to get the site re-established was having the host ISP going through it’s back-ups to find my dbase that was ‘lost’ during the second attack.

No thanks to this ISP, they do not have a back-up of my dbase. And a big thank you (not!) to those behind the malicious attack. I have logs – if I was a malicious person (even though the IP’s are probably hacked) I could track you down. If you want to hack things, why not target your energy towards something that will have a positive impact for society – the corporate elite…?

To turn to the positive, over coming days/weeks I will be re-establishing what content I can track down from anyone who has it in their rss readers – if you have any of my previous posts please contact me via the form here. As all was lost (except the skin) I will also be recreating the site architecture so please be patient as the site re-evolves. Given that I have no print record of the site (i.e. what the architecture looked like) the changes will be organic. I may even make some changes to the skin based on feedback from a number of people.

As I obtain copies of past posts (or parts there-of) these will be added to the site. If you are newer to this site, please check posts not listed at the top as they will be inserted by the original date (and therefore not inserted at the top of the page). This post will be kept as a ‘sticky’ until I get the site back to a level I am happy with…

I hope you get something from my rants. Please add any comments you have – all past comments were also lost in the attack!

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