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I recently commented on what amounts to the first governmental critique of uranium mining for many many years in Australia – unclear as to whether it was refreshing electoral politico-speak or merely advantageous posturing?. That such critical (if not going far enough) comments were both in the mainstream press and emanated from a font-bench minister are big issues in themself. It was refreshing to hear a hint of such talk as a contrast with the uber-conservative shite that has dominated in Australia for far too long. That it appeared that the Labor Party (ALP) might actually have a spine and not just regurgitate the governments diatribe was something of note as well. The status quo appears to be returning however…

[begin rant]

Kim Beazley, the ‘leader’ of the ALP has come out in support of expanding uranium mining in Australia – in direct contrast to Anthony Albanese’s comments made last week.

The problem is not where the uranium is dug out, the problem is the exports and making sure there are tougher safeguards, Mr Beazley told the Herald. [source]

What a weak and pandering remark that does little more than imply uranium extraction is both benign and separate to the nucelar industry – what a fucking crock of shit! I will come back to how the conservatives use such perspectives to justify nuclear energy – clearly an indication of how such a pandering perspective does little to contrast with the essentially open slather approach of the conservatives.

Kim Beazley’s essentially baseless attack on the conservatives’ ‘watering down Australia’s commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty’ cannot hide his own complicity. That the mainstream press is describing his recent comments as risking a party split shows how little fucking idea he has. Whilst I abhor electoralism, I had thought in the past that tweedledum was better than tweedledubmer and that as tweedledum, he might not do too terrible a job! I am starting to see why his support as a potential PM is not only dropping publicly it is within the ALP. How fucking naïve was I!

A first year political science (or any other critically aware student) let alone an apparently astute (and very well paid) political advisor could not fail to see how fucking stupid the timing of such comments are – unless you want to placate corporate whores in the light of majority supported pro-environment and community comments like those of Anthony Albanese (again even though they are still too weak). The handling of the repatriation of Jacob Kovco’s body (the first Australian to die in Iraq) that had the conservatives floundering in the most strident and significant attacks in a very very long time had placed the ALP in a very strong position…

How fucking stupid is Kim Beazley – he apparently doesn’t even know how to play the electoral politics game – no wonder he can’t ‘win’ an election! How many years is it now Kim – how long have you been a part of the charade of electoral democracy? Wake up!

To get back to the issue, the vast majority of Australian’s have for at least 30 years, opposed uranium mining and the nuclear cycle. Public outrage even stopped the construction of nuclear reactor after it was well advanced. The mid-late 1990s saw the largest national environmental campaign for some time, with repeated coach-loads of people heading to Kakadu National Park (a three-four day trip) to blockade the construction of the Jabiluka Mine and support to Mirrar Gundjehmi people. Just because Australia has the largest uranium reserves does not mean we should mine it…

How stupid can he be – the arguments he uses all draw on conservative diatribe. They do little more than make his perspectives seem like a weak version of the economic rationalist and assertive conservatives. Grow a fucking backbone. Better yet why not publicly state why your views are so weak: that electoralism is all pragmatism, pandering to corporate whores, and full of spin – that you will say whatever they want you to!

As you, and your advisors, are so seemingly inept at things, I will spell it out for you:

  1. when the conservatives are digging their won graves, do not give the media a reason to divert public attention away from this.

  2. economic arguments for mining do little but pander to the open-slather conservative approach as clearly illustrated by the current government:

Mr Howard has not ruled out changing the policy of restricting exports of uranium to countries which are signatories to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. He also has not ruled out Australia developing a nuclear energy industry.

The Treasurer, Peter Costello, went further yesterday, saying it was illogical not to generate nuclear energy if it made sense commercially.

“Look, we mine uranium and we sell it to people to build nuclear power stations,” Mr Costello told Channel Ten’s Meet the Press.

“What would be the logic in saying nuclear power stations are acceptable in every other country except the one where the uranium is mined … if it does become commercial, I believe we ought to do it.”

Can’t you see? Do I need to spell it out any clearer? Your lack of intelligence does little to counteract the basis of conservative calls to privatise education – if you are the role model of publicly funded education who would want it!

Thank you KimB, yet again you have provided arguments for the conservative government to push ahead with nuclear proliferation. Next time I am in a gaol cell, being molested by the police service – watching people of all ages being punched and kicked by the so-called ‘public protectors’ (and seeing flickers of recognition in their eyes of the violence imbued with capital) – for trying to prevent such proliferation, will you post bail?

Next time someone else is harmed via the direct effects of the nuclear cycle will you change your spineless ways? Your political posturing and rhetoric does little but reify and perpetuate the nuclear cycle. Can you not see that?

Take a fucking stand you spineless prick – and if you are going to play the electoralism game, realise you are fucking with peoples lives!

[end rant]



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